I, Abbey, am guilty of all of the following charges.

Lunch can be stressful. Busy people don't always have time to prep meals and that can really put a hitch in weight loss goals. Here are four things to be cautious of when grabbing food on your lunch break!

  1. Don't make last minute decisions:  A study last year found we consume fewer calories if we order lunch an hour ahead of time. If you are starving, you're more likely to consume more calories. Plan ahead!
  2. Don't schedule stressful meetings right before lunch: Ever heard of stress eating? We consume more unhealthy calories when we are stressed out. Save the meetings for the afternoon.
  3. Don't always eat with other people: This isn't saying "eat at your cubical alone everyday". People tend to eat more if other people are around them stuffing their faces. Just be aware of what you are eating when you're with others!
  4. Don't eat out of the container your food comes in: Sometimes that is our only option. But if you can avoid it, you should! Putting the food on a plate puts the portions in perspective.

Now to print off this page and tape it up in the break room!

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