Ok, it wasn't a total accident, and honestly it wasn't even one of my resolutions for 2018. It just kinda happened.

I did a remote broadcast at the gym I work out at on Black Friday. It was awesome because I got to chat it up with the trainers, and I got to work out right after I was done. As I was talking with a couple trainers they mentioned that I should do a fitness assessment to see if I would like to try the new group training program they offered. I figured it couldn't hurt! It wasn't a commitment and I am down to try new things.

So I finally met with a trainer this week to get it done, and when we met he said that we weren't going to do what was written on his schedule, and instead try something different. I didn't ask questions, I just went with it. As we were talking about the different packages and options at the end of this session, not one on the page was the group training I had talked about previously. So long story short I now have a personal trainer one day a week for the next three months!

Her name is Lori and I had my first session with her this morning. It was great! She pushed me, but not to the point of breaking. The goal is to lose 10 pounds in 3 months. With the holidays mixed in there I feel like it is a pretty attainable goal. I have a feeling this accidental resolution might work out in my favor!


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