Stacy Blair was 28 years old when she looked in the mirror and said, "I want to live to see 30."

Blair weighed 352 pounds when she began her fitness journey in September 2017.

"“My health was getting progressively worse, and it was getting painful just to move and stand,” she told GMA. "That moment kind of changed my mindset from 'I want to lose weight to be skinny or look good' to 'I want to lose weight because I don't want to die.'"

Two years later, Blair -- who lives near Minneapolis -- has seen 30 and lost over 200 pounds along the way.

"Everything is different," she reflects. "The biggest thing that I love is not having to think about my size before I do something."

Blair shares how -- because of her size -- she hadn't flown in a plane since 2014. Today, she loves being outdoors and hiking.

The Minnesota woman has shared her journey on Instagram where she shares tips and encouragement and has amassed over 82k followers.

According to her Instagram profile, Blair has lost all her weight naturally, counting calories through the Keto Diet.

"It's so overwhelming to me to think I would be an inspiration to people. I'm just a regular gal," GMA quotes her. "I like to remind people to not give up."

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