The Mounds View pitcher and Totino-Grace batter who went viral a month ago for their sportsmanship got more than they expected when they appeared on Good Morning America.

It's one of the best feel-good moments of 2018 so far.

About a month ago, Mounds View and Totino-Grace baseball teams were playing for the section championship and a spot at the state tournament. In a moment that has since gone viral, Mounds View's Ty Koehn struck out his long-time best friend and Totino-Grace player Jack Kocon. But it wasn't the win or celebration that went viral; it was Koehn's act of compassion and sportsmanship. After striking out his friend, he immediately ran to Kocon and embraced him. The moment was caught on camera, and quickly began making national headlines.

Wednesday, the two friends were featured on ABC's Good Morning America where they joined Robin Roberts for an in-studio interview.

"First of all, thank you, because you all haven't wanted to talk about this a lot because you didn't want people to think that's why you did it -- to get the attention."

After being asked about the moment, Koehn goes on to share why he ran to embrace Kocon instead of immediately celebrating with his team.

"It was really just instinct. I knew I had to win the game first for my team, I think I owed them that much...but after the pitch, it was kind of just instinct to go over there and be there for a friend..."

For his part, Kocon shares that he didn't even realize it was Koehn at first.

"At first I didn't even realize it was Ty. I kinda just had my head down and thought it was one of my teammates. But when I looked up and saw it was him that just meant the world to me."

Roberts went on to surprise the two friends with a video message from Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb.

"I just wanted to tell you that both myself and my teammates take inspiration from the kind of sportsmanship that you demonstrated at that game. I'm excited to also let you know that ESPN has selected you to be a recipient of an honorary ESPY award."

The ESPY Awards are a celebration of all things sports, and the ceremony took place Wednesday night.

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