ST. CLOUD -- The term "quarantine 15" has been thrown around a lot since the pandemic, and with a new year many of us may have a renewed focused on losing a few unwanted pounds.

Kayla Girgen is a Clinical Dietician with CentraCare. She says often times when people look at dieting they think they need to eat less, however adding more of the right foods to your meals is when the results happen.

It doesn't have to be homemade to be healthy. If we look at a box meal for example, focus on adding extra vegetables, throwing a steamer bag in the microwave to pair with the dish can really help round out the plate.

She adds working from home and being around the temptations of what's in our cupboards can also be credited to a tighter waistline .

She says before you reach for that snack it's important to know if it's true hunger or mental hunger.

Take some time to think if you really are hungry in those moments, if you are great. If you realize you're eating out of stress try and distract yourself for ten minutes and I've found that when people get to the end of that time they realize they weren't hungry after all.

She says regular movement and staying hydrated can also help limit the urge to snack.

Girgen says to remember not every weight loss plan works for every person and it make take a few tries to find one that works for you.

The WJON series "Socially-Distance Fitness" features opportunities for people to focus on their well-being to create a healthier you.

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