A friend of mine on Facebook shared a map of the United States that showed what states called light up bugs 'Fireflies' vs. 'Lightning Bugs'. Minnesota was dominantly in favor of Fireflies, but right at the Iowa border it became Lightning Bugs, and the trend follows the Mississippi all the way south to Lousiana. Why the sharp cut-off? It isn't like Iowa is THAT much further south than Minnesota. They are probably just jealous the hit single Fireflies from 2009 came from Minnesota. Remember that one by Owl City? It was everywhere, and the band who created it was from Owatonna, Minnesota.


Here are a few things you might not know about our Minnesota Fireflies:

  • There are seven species of fireflies in Minnesota, and each has its own flash pattern.
  • Species that are active at dusk, tend to give a yellow light, while those active in darkness tend to give a green light.
  • Some female species use their flashes to attract males to eat them!
  • Peak Firefly season in Minnesota is the week of the 4th of July, but they stay active well into August.

Take a look at the map of what states call the special glowing bugs!

Also, you'll have this stuck in your head all day.

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