I have a busy couple weeks ahead of me, and last night while I was catching up on laundry I thought it would be the perfect time to test out my new adult coloring book. I have read that they are great for de-stressing and clearing your mind. I bought the coloring book from the Target dollar section and I am going to walk you through the thoughts I had when coloring this.

8:45 PM: "I should probably choose a pretty simple one, I want to get to bed at a decent time"

8:50 PM: "OK, I have looked at all the pages six times, this one is definitely the simplest."

Abbey Minke Townsquare Media

8:51 PM: "Where did I put that package of colored pencils?"

8:54 PM: "Found them! Great, lets get started!"

9:03 PM: "Wow there are a lot of vines on this coloring page. There is going to be a lot of green..."

9:10 PM: "I better flip my laundry around"

9:18 PM: "Finally onto the flowers, now I can use fun colors!"

9:35 PM: "None of these flowers look realistic. Blue and orange flowers do not exist, what was I thinking?!"

9:45 PM: "This is taking forever, there is no end in sight. Maybe I should just do the rest tomorrow..."

10:06 PM: "Finally done! That took forever!"

In conclusion, I think coloring stressed me out more than it calmed me down. So many little intricate details. I am going to stick to children's coloring books from here on out. Cartoon puppies and kitties are much more fun.