Look for new Minnesota-inspired GIFs and story options next time you're on Instagram

Stories and GIFs are two of the biggest trends on Instagram right now, and Minnesota's tourism department Explore Minnesota has cashed in its creativity to add some cool, new Minnesota-inspired options.

A search of "Minnesota" in the GIFs bar includes #OnlyinMN bars, a color-changing shape of Minnesota, "Find Your True North" and moving trails in the results (other results include a Minnesota Timberwolves logo, Modist Brewing icons, and U of M-inspired logos and catchphrases).

Explore Minnesota via Instagram

At Explore Minnesota's Instagram account, you'll find stories in the highlights bar titled MN Travel Style, MN Bucket List and My True North. Each story includes a special interactive graphic and instructions on how to use it. For instance, the MN Travel Style graphic includes a list of This or That: City or Nature, Bike or Hike, Adventure or Relax etc.

Explore Minnesota via Instagram

If you take a screenshot of the This or That screen, you can then add it to your own story, circling your This or That preferences and tagging @ExploreMinnesota for them and everyone else to see!

The MN Bucket List story option is similar: download the screen, then add it to your own story checking the boxes of everything you've done!

Explore Minnesota via Instagram

With the My True North option, you get to fill in the blanks yourself!

Explore Minnesota via Instagram

Have fun exploring Minnesota -- and sharing your adventures on Instagram -- this spring!

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