A new cocktail at TGI Fridays makes your tongue numb...on purpose.

The new trend in cocktails is a little blossom -- also called a "buzz button" -- that makes your mouth go numb.

Sounds alarming, though apparently it's not.

The Buzz Button is an edible flower that goes by a number of different names -- Szechuan Button, Electric Daisy, toothache plant.

"The flower," says one writer for Paste Magazine, "tastes like a 9-volt battery. It's electrifying and hits you on a molecular level."

Terrified yet?

It must be pretty safe for consumption, because mixologists are now including it in cocktails, claiming that it helps bring out the flavors in your drink and allows you to taste the individual ingredients.

TGI Fridays has even gotten in on the trend, now offering a drink called Blackberry Buzz 'Rita that includes a buzz button.

The numbing buzz lasts for about 10 minutes or so.

Speaking of buzz, been out to Milk & Honey Ciders in St. Joe recently?

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