If you're getting a little bit lonely when you see the pizza delivery guy coming 'round, there's actually something you CAN do: get a deal from Pizza Hut in celebration of the Total Solar Eclipse.

They're calling it: Total Eclipse of the Hut.

April 8th Only: Total Eclipse of the Hut

Image via Pizza Hut
Image via Pizza Hut

For just $12 each, you can order a large recipe pizza or create-your-own pizza. The cool thing about the create-your-own pizza deal: you can choose up to 10 toppings.

Thems a lot of toppings.

It's a great deal, and it's available on April 8th only (ya, the day that some Total Solar Eclipse thing is happening). Choose from Thin 'N Crispy, Hand Tossed Pizza, and Original Pan Pizzas.

The offer covers carryout, dine-in, and delivery.

I'll have a large pepperoni with 9 helpings of black pepper, please!

H/T: Chewboom

STUDY: Reusing Cooking Oil Could Be Bad For Your Brain

Photo by Wine Dharma on Unsplash
Photo by Wine Dharma on Unsplash

Researchers and the poor rats that they experiment on have found that reusing cooking oil could be linked to neurodegeneration issues. The rodents showed increased oxidative stress and liver inflammation, as well as notable damage in the colon. That's bad.

The communication between the liver, gut, and brain appears to get scrambled. Worse yet, it could become hereditary: the issues were passed along to the rats' offspring.

The researchers are urgently...uh, urging...studies to be conducted on humans.

Just go to a fish fry.

H/T: Study Finds

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