If you like to try new things, a local restaurant is bringing back for the second time now, their lava stone steak dinner. Those that participate in this unique experience will be cooking their steak on a lava stone, at their table. Dueling Brews in Becker will be opening up the event for reservations this Friday.

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Dueling Brews in Becker is offering up a unique dining experience with their lava stone steak night. The restaurant previously offered this dining experience back in February, and it was so popular they've decided to bring it back.

The dinner will again feature two seatings on Monday May 6th, 5:30 and 7:00, and once the reservations are filled that's it.

While going out to eat, to only cook your food, sounds counterintuitive, it is fun. It's like making smores with your kids inside with a candle, just fun making something and memories with someone you love.

When Dueling Brews held the event for Valentine's Day, they were offering up:

An 8oz steak, twice-baked potatoes, sauteed asparagus, and a breadstick for $24

That was in February, I didn't see a price on the social media post, but feel free to ask when you either make your reservation on Friday for Monday May 6th or stop in and ask.

Dueling Brews is a really fun concept, where it's a coffee-based business in the morning hours, and then transitions over to a bar/restaurant in the afternoon and into the evening.

You can learn more about the business by heading to their website, here, and you can see their menu online here.


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