A Minnesota dad's parenting hack on how to get his kids to go down for a nap has gone viral online.

Last week, Jeremy Little of Winona, MN posted a video to TikTok. In it, he films himself walking into a bathroom and shutting the door, as if letting viewers in on a secret.

"Sometimes I like to turn on movies that are in Spanish," he says, filming his reflection in the bathroom mirror. "And then my kids look at me all confused and wonder why they can't understand it. And I say, "'Well, I don't know why but you're probably just tired and you need to take a nap.' And then when they wake up from their nap I take the same movie and put it in English, and they think that they're all better." He then begins laughing hysterically at himself. "I can't! I can't!"

The video has been viewed 10.5 million times on TikTok and generated over 22k comments.

"That maniacal laughter OMG," commented one person.

"Also, great tactic!" "All fun and games before they become fluent," joked another.

"This is genius!" praised a third.

"Just here to make you smile," read the Minnesota dad's TikTok bio. With 1.5 million followers, his videos are obviously working. Jeremy is the current owner of Kickass Beef Snacks, Inc. originally founded in 1950 by his great-grandfather Charles Littel. Today, Kickass products (which include beef jerky, pickle products, Bloody Mary ingredients, apparel and even handcrafted soaps) are sold around Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. Kickass life (#kickasslife) is a common hashtag featured in Jeremy's TikTok videos.

Watch more from the businessman/funnyman here.

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