Ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, "I literally see the same people posting the same things every time I'm on here."? I have. Maybe it's time to add something fresh to your newsfeed!

Here are five Instagram accounts in Central Minnesota worth following:

Travel, sports, animals, food -- Jenna's feed is like scrolling through a lifestyle blog...minus the blog part.

John's bio reads "Father and husband. Proud owner of Fast Factory, Granite Games and Factory Forged." He may sound like a simple dude, but John's photos and videos are inspirational and motivating, especially if you're into or considering getting into fitness.

"Explorer. Sniffer of Butts. Snuggle extraordinaire," and just plain cute!

Jill Johnson Photography has a knack for making infants and toddlers look cute and approachable.

A published, award-winning makeup and hair artist right here in Central Minnesota? Who knew?

Have a favorite Central Minnesota Instagram account you follow or want to be featured? Share a link or Instagram handle in the comment section!

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