Minnesota may be home to one of the smartest kids in the world.

Elliot Tanner isn't your average 10-year old.

When he's not playing guitar or Dungeons and Dragons, he's tutoring high school students and attending courses at Normandale Community College.

Yes, you read that right -- he's 10 years old.

According to a recent feature by Kare11, Elliott was far from normal, even as a baby.

At four weeks old, he rolled over on his own. By age two, he could recite the alphabet (in English and Swedish). By age three he was doing addition; by four he was teaching addition. By age nine (he was too "academically advanced" for kindergarten and was homeschooled then taught via online classes), he was enrolled as a full-time student at Normandale Community College.

About to graduate as a sophomore, he's already aced college algebra, physics for scientists & engineers, trigonometry and calculus and maintained a 4.0 GPA to boot. In the fall, Elliott plans to attend the U of M and pursue a doctorate. Ironically, he could finish his entire college career before he's even old enough to drive!

Watch Kare11's feature below or read the article here.

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