All 10.5 reasons are inches of snow.

This week we were given one last dumping of snow. Minnesota weather is so moody, but it seems pretty fitting. We can't have too nice of weather for fishing opener, that just wouldn't be right.

While the St. Cloud area just had a dusting of wet snow, Northern Minnesota got hit relatively hard. I had to drive to Long Prairie in that storm and our car started bottoming out in the ruts between Upsala and Grey Eagle.


There were big booms of thunder, some lightening, and even trees that went down on County Road 2. It wasn't a fun trip, but I'm thankful we weren't hit with 10.6 inches like the Duluth area was.

Fox 9 shared snow totals from this storm online:

Duluth: 10.6

Two Harbors: 9.5

Hillman: 4

Upsala: 3.5

Onamia: 3

Little Falls: 2.5

Cross your fingers this is the last time we will have to show off our winter driving skills this spring!


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