Minnesota Public Radio just released a list of the 10 worst colleges in Minnesota for student loan debt per figures they gathered from 2017. This list was published just in time for college graduation season. If you've got a child looking at colleges on this list, start filling out scholarship applications now.

Worst MN colleges for student loan debt (Figures from MPR)

1. The College of St. Scholastica ($41,133)
2. University of St. Thomas ($40,983)
3. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota ($39,917)
4. St. Catherine University ($38,199)
5. Augsburg University ($38,176)
6. Bethel University ($36,990)
7. Hamline University ($34,935)
8. Concordia University ($34,686)
9. Crown College ($34,147)
10. Winona State University ($33,873)

What's interesting is the top 9 spots on the list are all private colleges and universities. Winona State University is the only public school on the list.

I've got an 18-month-old son named Charlie and I've already started saving for his college experience even though we're years away. By the time he's ready for college, I don't even want to know what the cost will be.

If you've got student load debt, do you feel like your education was worth it?


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