I had my first taste of Dot's pretzels two weeks ago.

It was a transcendent experience. I don't know how I'd never had them before; I'd certainly seen them in stores but, I guess, had just never bought a bag or been someplace they were served.

I was out with friends on a recent Saturday, though, when someone opened a bag. My wife insisted they were the best pretzels ever. "Really?" I asked. "Really," she insisted.

Sure enough, the garlic-onion pretzel was like no other pretzel I'd ever had. I began passing the bag around, evangelizing and eager to share the goodness of Dorothy "Dot" Henke's famous pretzels.

If you're already well-acquainted with the North Dakota-based family-snack-turned-national-phenomenon, then you may be thrilled to hear that Dot's Pretzels recently announced it will start selling candy bar versions of its beloved treat.

Named Mr. Dot Bars, three variations will be available in milk, dark and white chocolate with the seasoned pretzel crushed and mixed in with chocolate and toffee.

Watch for Mr. Dot Bars anywhere Dot's Pretzels are currently sold!

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