Find Hundreds of Hiking & Biking Trails in MN with This App
My wife, dog and I ended up hiking 4.5 of the 9.1 miles over 1.5 hours. Elm Creek Park features a whole variety of landscapes -- we hiked through woods, along a stream, through some wetlands and through some open fields. Despite the heat, our hike was super fun and enjoyable, and we'll definite…
Adam Tries Ep. 4 -- Arts & Culture App
Finally, a justifiable reason for taking selfies!
Google's Arts & Culture app is already being called the "best new app of 2018," and I can understand why -- it's fun and educational! Essentially, you take a photo of yourself, then let the app do the…
This weekend is the 40th anniversary special for Saturday Night Live. In celebration of the big event, NBC just released a new SNL app that is out of this world!
Need A Virtual Boyfriend? There’s An App For That!
The stress of dating. It can be amazing, good, bad, horrible, and everything in-between. Even to find a man can be stressful! I've been single for too long, and even though I wouldn't consider myself desperate, I don't think I would resort to something like this. The Virtual Boyfriend…