The stress of dating. It can be amazing, good, bad, horrible, and everything in-between.

Even to find a man can be stressful! I've been single for too long, and even though I wouldn't consider myself desperate, I don't think I would resort to something like this.

The Virtual Boyfriend! It's exactly like it sounds.

The app is a "dating simulation game" that lets you customize a boyfriend right down to his hair style and his name. The app's website reads:

"Once you've settled on your dream guy, That's when the real fun begins!  At first it will start out as any date does, he may be a little shy because he is just getting to know you, but as you progress, things will heat up. The goal is to win him over."

It's a virtual relationship! How could you not make him win you over!?! The app is available for $.99 on the Apple App Store and works with the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. There is also a free Lite version of My Virtual Boyfriend if you’d like to get a feel for the boy toys before paying up.

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