We've all been there. You drive all the way to McDonald's wanting a McFlurry, or even a simple cone, only to be told "Our ice cream machine isn't working right now". Ugh. Well now we won't have to go through those perils anymore. There is an app for that!

Ice Check is the app designed to make our ice cream cravings easier to manage. It uses your location to determine what McDonald's you are close to, and then tells you whether or not the ice cream machine is working at that location. But there is some work involved on our end.


The app users are responsible for making sure the information is up to date. So when you do go to Mickey D's, you should ask about the ice cream machine, even if you're not ordering it. That way you can go into the app and check "yes" or "no" as to if it is operational. The app gives time stamps as well as to when the last times the machines were working. (Keep in mind it takes 4 hours for the machines to be cleaned).

This app of course has it's flaws. Relying on users isn't always the most accurate, and it isn't available in the Google Play store yet. So Download the free app here! 

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