Felt "Happier" lately? That might be because you've been hearing the new collaboration between Marshmello and Bastille playing on Mix 94.9!

It’s always good to step into somebody else’s world for a minute and we’re excited to be a part of it."

That's Bastille's frontman Dan Smith on collaborating with DJ/producer Marshmello. Released August 2018, "Happier" has been taking the radio airwaves -- and fans of both artists -- by storm. Bastille's break-up lyrics like "I want to see you smile but // Know that means I'll have to leave" get lost in Marshmello's bright bounce.

"Happier" follows British band Bastille's previous single "Quarter Past Midnight" and anticipates their upcoming unnamed project. Smith told NME,

We’ve been working on a couple of albums and a mixtape. I guess the way people release music and the way people listen to it has changed and is changing constantly. We wanna get the music out as quickly as possible. We’re sitting on a lot of stuff and constantly making new stuff as well.”

Until then, sing along to "Happier" with Mix 94.9 and watch the cutest music video you ever did see (Warning: cute puppies and heart-warming storyline may require tissues).

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