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"If the World Was Ending," a ballad-duet between Canadian JP Saxe and American Julia Michaels, reflects on a broken relationship in the face of imminent disaster. First released October 17, 2019, the song takes its inspiration from an impending apocalypse. “If the world was ending, you’d come over, right?" the two artists sing. "The sky’d be fallin’ and I’d hold you tight/ And there wouldn’t be a reason why/ We would even have to say goodbye/ If the world was ending, you’d come over, right?/ Right?”

Saxe first hit the Canadian music scene two years ago with the release of his debut single "Changed."

In an interview with Billboard, Michaels shares how she and Saxe first met and collaborated:

“Since we were fans of each other’s music, we got together for a writing session. The song is about that person in your life who you would come back to if the world was ending, when nothing else matter and there is nothing left to hold you back.”

"If the World Was Ending" was also produced by Billie Eilish's older brother FINNEAS.

Listen for "If the World Was Ending" with JP Saxe and Julia Michaels playing now on Mix 94.9.

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