With the 2020 in the rearview mirror, and hope and optimism just ahead for 2021 -- many Americans have set their sights on self-improvement in the for of New Year's resolutions.

The team at Zippia has taken a hard look at Google search data to determine the most popular resolution by state, and Minnesota's might surprise you.

Minnesota's top choice is also the top pick in the country as eleven other states also chose 'therapy' -- choosing to work on and improve their insides instead of their outsides.

Most people think of thinks like losing weight, relationships, and saving money as more common answers, but after a year like 2020 it appears as though we're taking a look at a deeper sense of wellbeing.

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According to Zippia, some of their most interesting findings are:

  • Therapy is the most popular resolution in 12 states.
  • Right behind therapy is weight loss; with 8 states focusing on slimming down.
  • 7 states want to quarantine and chill, judging from their searches for internet dating and dating advice.
  • 4 states just want a good night’s sleep for 2021.
  • A group of states on the Atlantic coast are getting their book on for the New Year.

Taking a look at some of our neighbor's top resolution choice:

  • Wisconsin: Vacation
  • Iowa: Save money
  • North Dakota: Save money
  • South Dakota: Quit drinking

In another survey, 26% of Americans say they stuck to all of their 2020 resolutions. Research also shows that the older we get, the less likely we are to even make a resolution.

Happy New Year (and good luck with those resolutions)!

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