We're 12 days into the new year. Who has given up on their resolutions? If you have, you're not alone. 

Nearly three million people started a diet on January 1 and research suggests that all but eight percent of those people have given up on it. Not only have they stopped trying to eat healthy, they have also stopped going to the gym and are back gorging on their favorite comfort foods. Just under half of dieters said they had thrown in the towel last Friday. The vast majority of dieters have no success sticking to their diets five days out of the week. People also blamed boredom and alcohol on giving up on their healthy ways.

Dr. Matt Capehorn of the U.K.'s National Obesity Forum says that dieters should focus on a diet where you lose one pound per week, which equals 35 hundred less calories per week or cutting out 500 calories per day. And if you do take a day off of your diet, resist the urge to binge. That's why a lot of diets also fail. Dr. Capehorn says that taking a day off still means eating the correct amount, but many see it as an excuse to binge.

I found that when I started a diet on January 1, I always tried to do too much right away and would fail at everything, give up and go right back to my unhealthy habits. If you're like me and have the same issue, click HERE for a list of how not to make that mistake.

Have you stuck to your resolution?