So many people are making New Year's Resolutions right now that they'll probably never stick to because they aren't very specific and there's really no way to measure their success. Instead of making a New Year's Resolution this year, I want to make a 2018 bucket list. These are very specific things that I can measure!

  • I want to go on a trip to Chicago! It's one of my favorite cities and I've only ever been there in the winter. I want to explore the city in the summer.
  • I want to pay off my crazy high hospital bill I racked up after giving birth in 2017.
  • I want my husband and I to finally finish the rest of our basement finish project. It's been a 3 years.
  • I want to start putting away money for my son's college fund...if I start now I might be able to pay for one whole semester! (sarcasm)
  • I want to lose my baby weight...I've got exactly 14 pounds to go!
  • I want to eat clean and healthy and eliminate sugar and junk out of my diet. I've done it before and I want to get back on track!
  • I want to find an organization to volunteer with.

It's a running list and I'm sure there are other things I hope to accomplish this year! Try making a bucket list instead of a resolution and put it somewhere you can look at from time to time to keep yourself on track! Get a head start on it now!

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