This weekend is Brittany's bachelorette party and she's going THREE HOURS AWAY. That leaves me and Shay alone all weekend. Help? I think there will be lots of crying, from, me.

I'm excited to spending all weekend with my happy baby Shay, but I'm freaking out a little. I am NOT one who deals with "blow-out" diapers very well. If I had a hazmat suit and gas mask I think I would be ok. I just can't believe how something so small, adorable and lovable can make SUCH a stinky mess.

Little background, until Shay was born, six weeks ago, I never once changed a diaper in my life. I have a pretty good handle on it... most of the time.

Brittany has to come in and play relief diaper changer once in a while, but this weekend, it's all on me... I hope I can keep Shay as happy as Brittany seems too.

She's a great baby, so if she's cranky... It's probably the clueless dad doing something wrong. Good thing there are cell phones. Of course I'll be calling MY mom, Brittany probably won't be in the best shape to give sound advice.

Let's hope I can her happy or sleeping.


Matt Fallon/TSM
Matt Fallon/TSM

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