Shay made Santa's "Nice List"... this year.

This past Saturday (12-13-14) Brittany and I took Shay to visit Santa Claus and she did great! We waited in line for some time, lots of kids ready to tell Santa what they wanted this year.

Shay, although we couldn't get her to smile while on Santa's lap, at least she wasn't screaming like she was about to be taken out in a horror flick. She was just calm and cool as could be.

The best part of meeting Santa, well besides Shay meeting the jolly man, was the lady snapping pictures. We couldn't have our phones out, take video or pictures, but this lady gave her full effort into getting each kid to smile and she had me nearly in tears watching her shake jingle bells, make faces and weird noises to get the young kids to crack a smile.

She was awesome and now, I know what I must look like walking around Target "talking" to Shay in weird noises and faces.


Matt Fallon/TSM
Matt Fallon/TSM


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