Brittany is a little over 20-weeks with the pregnancy, and strange food cravings I kind of expected... actually, was kind of excited for it (I would have ate everything with her), but that hasn't really happened. Instead of strange food cravings, Brittany has been choosing to sleep on an air-mattress, with six blankets and four pillows, rather than her queen size bed.

This is strange to me, because when we go see her parents or my mom, we sleep on an air-mattress while we're there and by the end of the weekend, well, we're ready for our bed again. Lately though, Brittany has preferred the air-mattress over the bed.

As far as I know, I'm not hogging the bed and making her uncomfortable, but the air-mattress just feels more comfortable. Maybe it's because her baby-bump can set in the grooves of the air-mattress?

What strange food combinations or anything out of the ordinary occurred with you during pregnancy? Comment below or call me at 320-251-5695... fellas too, what did you notice that was weird for your girlfriend/wife during pregnancy?