Brittany and I have been keeping the sex of our baby a secret for one reason. Her dad wanted it to be a surprise when the baby arrives in late August, but the excitement was just too much for him... and he cracked! The sex of our baby will be... a little GIRL!!

We are very excited, we have her name picked out, working on her nursery and our friends and family went nuts when we called them.

I am extremely excited for our baby girl to get her... and at the same time, TERRIFIED. I know she is going to have me wrapped around her finger like a double knot on a shoe. That's not the terrifying part, the terrifying part is, now I have to be the one to worry about boys coming to our house! I was always the boy who was suppose to fear meeting the dad and mom of girls and now, I have to BE the FEAR.

Couples who are expecting baby boys in 2014, congratulations! In 14-15 years, keep them away from my house. I'm going to buy more LOCKS, ALARMS and baseball bats, I don't even play baseball... I'm just kidding about the bats. Kind of.

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