Every weekday about 3:15pm, Adam shares some facts and trivia in a fun little segment called Believe it or No (the Minnesotan version, you could say, of Ripley's Believe it or Not!).

Here are this past week's fun facts and trivia from Believe it or No:

  • In two years, Beijing will become the first city that's hosted both the Summer Olympics AND the Winter Olympics.  They had the Summer Olympics in 2008, and they will host the Winter Olympics in 2022.
  • Even though the Soviet Union hasn't competed in the Summer Olympics since 1988, it's still second in the all-time medal count.  America has 2,522 medals . . . the Soviet Union has 1,010 . . . and Great Britain is third with 851.
  • The guy who founded the Guinness brewery was Arthur Guinness . . . and he had 21 kids with his wife Olivia.  That's not quite enough to be a Guinness world record, but it's still incredible . . . mostly on her part. 
  •  Sour Patch Kids were originally called Mars Men.  They changed the name in the early '80s to capitalize on the popularity of Cabbage Patch Kids.
  • Converse All Stars are technically basketball shoes, but no one's worn them in the NBA since a player on the Atlanta Hawks named Tree Rollins in 1980. 
  • Walt Disney invented enclosed garbage cans to keep Disneyland from smelling bad.  Until that point, public trashcans were wire mesh that didn't block any of the garbage smell.
  • In the second presidential election, both parties picked George Washington as their nominee.  He won the election with 100% of the vote.
  • The longest border between any two countries is . . . the border between the United States and Canada.  It's 5,525 miles, which is about 1,300 miles longer than any other border.  (Number two is the Russia-Kazakhstan border.)
  • Bob Ross was almost as famous for his curly hair as he was for his paintings . . . but it was all a LIE.  Before he got famous, he permed his hair to save money on haircuts.  And once it became his signature look he stuck with it.
  • Sriracha has a rooster on the bottle because the guy who created it was born in 1945, which was the Year of the Rooster.

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