Unfortunately, the jury is still out on this one.

There are a couple things we know about the recent divorce taking place between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and there is a lot that is still very iffy.

Most of what is coming out initially, though, does not look good for Tom.

Katie Holmes has been advised that she would potentially be victorious, if she wanted to fight Cruise's prenuptial agreement, which gives her basically zero m0ney after this divorce.

She has her own money, however, and doesn't want anymore of Cruise's - if it means having to spend another second in his presence.  Holmes's friends have hinted to various media outlets that this divorce has been coming for some time.  Cruise is said to be extremely over-protective, condescending, and downright cold.  Friends of Holmes have said that there has not been any affection in the relationship in quite some time.

But it gets even stranger.

Apparently, Tom Cruise was not the easiest guy to be married to.

It is being reported that Cruise routinely told his wife what clothes she could, and could not wear.  He also was always very resentful that she did not embrace his Scientologist beliefs.  They argued a lot over how their daughter, Suri, was being brought up.  Cruise was also maniacal about going through her phone, and made constant comments about her cheating on him, even though he knew of her whereabouts 24/7.

At the age of 50, Tom Cruise is a wealthy, famous man.

At the age of 33, Katie Holmes is finally free, after five years.