Ben Afquack has more Instagram followers that you.

A Minnesota duck named Ben Afquack has become something of an overnight sensation thanks to a recent video of him playing the snare drum with his feet.

Ben belongs to Derek Johnson, whom he affectionately refers to as "Dad" online. In a recent interview, Johnson shared how he came to be Ben's dad.

"So, I got him when he was a day old from a farm store in Anoka. I had a duck when I was a little bit younger, and kinda went a different direction, wasn't able to keep the duck. And so, I decided that when we had a house, I really needed to get another one."

As a joke -- "kind of making fun of Instagram," he says -- Johnson created an Instagram account for Afquack in May 2019. He never expected the account to become the hit that it did, though. "The first thing that really kind of blew up was a picture of me on a moped with the duck in [his] backpack..."

Animal feature website The Dodo featured Afquack.

Afquack has also been featured by The Star Tribune, WCCO, FOXGrunge and other radio stations. According to his Instagram page, Afquack enjoys bike rides, swimming, sledding, fitness, mini golf, concerts, flannel, the Minnesota Vikings, coffee, ice cream and Flygrubs All Natural Dried BSF Larvae.

A photo shared to Afquack's Instagram account January 18 celebrated 10k followers; less than two weeks later, that number has jumped to over 45k.

As far as what's next for Afquack the Minnesota Duck, "he's headlining Coachella this year," his dad Derek jokes. Follow along with Ben Afquack on Instagram here.

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