A Letter From A Child Of Divorce
I think every parent needs to watch this video. I only wish this video had existed ten years ago when I went through my divorce, or back in 1986 when my parents went through theirs.
Is Tom Cruise A Complete Lunatic?!
Unfortunately, the jury is still out on this one.
There are a couple things we know about the recent divorce taking place between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and there is a lot that is still very iffy.
Most of what is coming out initially, though, does not look good for Tom...
TomKat Divorce Update
Katie Holmes shocked the entertainment world on Friday by filing for divorce from her husband of five years, Tom Cruise. Now we are learning more about it. Here's an update.
Facebook Status Reason For Divorce?
Jen and I were chatting this morning about a couple who went all the way to divorce court over a Facebook status.  This couple in India were recently married and a month went by and the husband still hadn't updated his relationship status on Facebook...
I Bet Your Marriage Wasn’t This Bad!
As a man that is not rich, nor that has had an abundance of success when it comes to relationships - I always get a kick out of stories about celebrities getting divorced.
It interests me.
Statistically, most relationships are ended because of disputes over money issues...

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