Former Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky and her fiance Roberto Martinez, are having to postpone their wedding.

When I saw this headline, my heart sank.  Ali and Roberto are my favorite "reality show" couples.

When Ali was first on The Bachelor with Jake Pavelka, I fell in love with Ali. She seemed like a genuine lady there to find love. Not after fame like Jake was. So happy she found love on her own show. So maybe you can find love on T.V.

Normally when you hear of someone postponing the wedding, it usually doesn't turn out well in the end. Ali lovers like myself can take a deep breath.

Ali had surgery on her leg last month to drill holes in her femur to simulate bone re-growth and cut out a piece of cartilage in her knee that wasn't healing properly.

Ali explains why they postponed the wedding:

"We had a date set, and that date has now passed. The decision to postpone the wedding was very difficult. I definitely shed some tears. But I want to walk down the aisle. I don't want to limp down the aisle."

Ali said she is okay with the postponement because she feels married already:

"In my mind, Roberto is my husband. We live together; we do everything together; we plan for the future together; we fight just like a good old married couple. The only thing that's not saying 'I'm married' is another ring on my finger and a piece of paper."

So if the first date has come and gone, does that mean these two won't have a televised "I Do" like Trista and Ryan? I have mixed feelings on this. We saw them fall in love, it's only natural to watch them become "one." But, its also a very private and emotional day, we don't need to see everything that goes on in someones life. Or do we?

I am such a cry baby, proposals just make me tear up. Watch The Finale where Roberto asks Ali to be his wife. Grab a tissue, mascara alert is HIGH for this one!

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