Unless you were confined to some sort of protective bubble as a kid, you probably suffered an injury or two -- maybe even a traumatic one!

When I was 6 or 7, I begged my dad to let me put gas in the car; I thought it was such a cool, adult-like thing to do! He let me, but as I was pulling the nozzle out of the vehicle's gas tank, I failed to let go of my grip and sprayed gasoline everywhere -- on the car, on my clothes and in my eyes! My dad rushed me home, where we flushed my eyes out; but I still remember quite vividly just how badly they burned from the gasoline. After sharing my story on-air, here are some messages I received from listeners:

"When I was in 3rd grade my sister let me sleep on the top bunk. In the middle of the night I rolled off and hit my head on the wheel of a pair of roller skates. Ended up in the hospital for a night. It was bad. I wasn't supposed to sleep on the top, but I begged my sister to let me." - Steph in Foreston

"How about falling out of a moving vehicle and scratching up the side of my face at age 5? My dad didn’t buckle me in properly, and he had an older vehicle." -Jennifer in St. Cloud

Some listeners also shared their gruesome stories on Facebook:

"I was in gymnastics in HS," shared Kelly Hanson, "and when I was going into a roll for a somersault and other girl was coming down and her face hit mine and her tooth went onto my forehead...bled like crazy and needless to say I had a headache for a long time after that...still have a scar."

Robin Armstrong shares her story, "At 5 years old I was racing with my cousins, tripped in a hole and cracked my head open on the cement step. It bled like crazy. It took 20 some stitches to fix my forehead."

Do you have a traumatic childhood injury story?

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