I have been a victim of a scam on Facebook.  The Facebook page "jaycaldwellmorningshow" was not setup by me or WJON and is an imposter page.  This scam asks people to register by giving their information and claims they have won a cash prize.  WJON is not doing Facebook contesting and this is an attempt by someone to pose as me.  The prize page which I screen shot below is not real.

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photo - Jay Caldwell
photo - Jay Caldwell

My personal Facebook posting information on this page was cloned by the scammer to make it look real.  I have reached out to Facebook asking them to remove the imposter page and they generated a response indicated the site doesn't violate their standards. The type of person who looks to pose as someone with the purpose to scam money from the public is despicable.

Our parent company Townsquare Media and WJON staff have reported the Facebook page as an imposter page.  If you see this page please report it as an imposter page to force Facebook to take it down.


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