Nobody could have seen this coming...

A video posted to Reddit over the weekend shows a bystander getting hit by a street racer in Minneapolis. "Shutting down the street and doing donuts in Minnesota," reads the caption of the video, which was posted to Reddit Sunday, June 6. In it, vehicles appear to have blocked off an intersection where a large crowd have gathered to watch street racers performing illegal stunts. It's unclear which intersection it is, though the Minneapolis skyline can be seen in the distance. A Dodge Charger can be seen in the middle of the intersection doing donuts, encircled by a ring of bystanders.

The mood in the video -- filmed by a woman overlooking the intersection presumably from a nearby building -- seems light initially; people can be seen filming and moving casually around the car, even as it moves. The situation quickly turns tense, however, as the car whips another donut, catching a man in the outer ring who attempts to avoid the car's back end. The man goes down. "Oh my god, no!" the woman filming cries out. "No! Did you see that? Did you see that? Did you see that?" The scene suddenly becomes chaotic as bystanders rush in on the fallen man and the vehicle that hit him; many begun to flee the scene. "They hit him," the woman continues in shock. Somebody launches a firework into the sky. The driver of the Charger suddenly peels out as bystanders run to get out of the way, fleeing the scene.

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Comments to the video have been anything but surprised.

"The expected outcome yet she was so surprised," observed one person on Reddit.

"“How did this happen? We made a human safety circle!" cracked another, sarcastically.

"Everyone standing around watching is just at as dumb as the driver," commented a third. "No respect at all for any of these people in the video." Some were quick to point out the irony of the personal injury billboard visible in the video.

"Looks like that injury lawyer’s advertising is about to pay off," noted one Reddit user.

"I caught that too, perfect place for his billboard," another agreed.

According to the Star Tribune, there's be an influx of illegal -- and deadly -- street racing in Minneapolis this year. Over the weekend, a 19-year old woman was struck by three stray bullets while attending a Minneapolis street race-turned-violent. Star Tribune reports that Vanessa Jensen died at North Memorial Health Hospital of her wounds. Just minutes after the shooting that claimed Jensen's life, a second shooting was reported in South Minneapolis at another illegal street racing event. A "young man or teenage boy" later died of a gunshot wound.

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