As we look back on 2018, here are the top five most popular articles from Mix 94.9:

5. "Everything We Know About MN Bachelor Contestant Becca K"

BKoof via Instagram

The fifth most popular story from Mix 94.9 this year was about one of Minnesota's very own -- Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant Becca Kufrin. After winning and then being rejected by Bachelor Arie, America fell in love with the publicist from Prior Lake. She then went on to be the next Bachelorette, capturing the hearts of Minnesotans everywhere.

4. "Do NOT Touch These Minnesota Caterpillars this Summer"

In June, Abbey offered a word of caution against these cute but poisonous creatures.

3. "Face App Allows You to See What You Look Like Old, Opposite Gender [Pics]"

Townsquare Media

Another residual post from 2017, this one has continued to be popular and fun, especially with the app-savvy readers.

2. "Youtube Makeup Guru James Charles is Coming to Mall of America"

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The first male Cover Girl visited the Mall of America in October to help open the new Morphe Store.

1. "Easy Rhymes to Help You Avoid Poison Ivy This Spring" 


Minnesotans love being outdoors. After all, we've got a beautiful state to get out and enjoy! But the wild can also be a dangerous place if you don't know what to watch out for! This 2015 post from Kelly has kept on trucking as one of Mix 94.9's greatest contributions to Minnesota's more adventurous folks.

What was your favorite post from Mix 94.9 this year?