The American Dagger Moth. Most commonly found east of the Rocky Mountains in North America, and usually near trees such as ashes, birches, elms, maples, oaks, and poplars. They are most active spring through early autumn, and easily spotted from their bright yellow color. But don't let their cartoon appearance fool you, you are not going to want to pick this critter up. The yellow and black spikes on them fall off and embed themselves, and toxins, in skin, causing a stinging sensation. Picking up these caterpillars can cause burning, itching, and even a rash.


Since their food sources are mainly leaves on trees, these bugs are often found in backyards, and playgrounds. Make sure to always keep an eye on your kids, and look up an insect before it is picked up by you or your kids. Read more about the American Dagger Moth here!

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