Have you ever loathed someone so much you couldn't stand seeing their face, even on a billboard?

If you answered "yes," you wouldn't be alone.

If you've ever driven into Minneapolis by way of I-94, you've probably seen Twin Cities-based realtor Kris Lindahl's face on a billboard. Or two. Maybe even more. The dude is practically the unofficial face of the state of Minnesota.

Personally, I don't love the guy's face, but I don't hate it either. Not like Reddit user Bjubers, anyway, who took to the Minnesota thread of reddit to share how they really feel about seeing Kris Lindahl's face all over town:

I’m sick of seeing your face everywhere. I am not ever going to want to do business with you cause you seem like such a slime ball narcissist. Please rid the twin cities from having to see your obnoxious s*** can every ten feet of freeway.

Not everyone seems to share the same animosity. One commented, "Seems like his advertising is doing just fine."

"I'll see your Kris Lindahl and raise you a Luther Kia. Try to get that out of your head!" joked another.

For his part, Kris Lindahl has a pretty good sense of humor. During the notorious NFL playoffs game between the Vikings and Eagles in Philadelphia last year, Lindahl took out a billboard next to the Eagle's stadium with his name, face and support of the Vikings proudly plastered across it. Photos of the billboard and the story behind it went viral.


And earlier this year, after a 24-year old Minneapolis man started a GoFundMe campaign for his own billboard mocking Lindahl's, the agent offered to donate a billboard himself!




No word yet on if Lindahl is offering the reddit user any billboard space, though this time around we doubt it.

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