Minnesota realtor Kris Lindahl gets a lot of grief.

We've written story after story at the billboard icon's expense -- like the time he was trolled by a St. Paul brewery, the time he was parodied by a dude similarly-named Chris Lindahl, the time the Minnesota Sheriff's Association used him as an example of social distancing and the time a random dude started a GoFundMe for his own billboard mocking Lindahl (Lindahl actually paid for the billboard on the condition that all the money raised be donated to charity). For all the grilling he gets, Lindah's not really all that bad a guy, and our latest finding is proof of that.

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While organizing our latest list of 10 Odd Guinness World Records Set in Minnesota or by Minnesotans, we were shocked to learn that Lindahl and his team have a Guinness World Record of their own, and it's not for anything related to realty. On October 23, 2016 the Kris Lindahl Team was recognized for arranging the world's longest line of pumpkins. The feat was achieved at the National Sports Center in Blaine with 8,672 pumpkins measuring 4,805 feet lined up in straight rows zig-zagging up and down a grassy field. A crowd of 15,000 people came out to support the world record attempt, afterwards taking home free pumpkins donated by Lindahl and his team.

Kris Lindahl said of the Great Pumpkin Giveaway, “Our whole team thinks of this as a fun way to give back to the community, and we can’t wait to make history this weekend by creating the longest pumpkin line in the world, right here in Blaine.”

Looking for a house (or pumpkins)? Give Kris Lindahl a call.

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