"Please maintain a distance of one Kris Lindahl at all times."

Sometimes the best cure to a crummy situation is a good laugh!

The Minnesota Sheriff's Association has taken to social media with a timely -- and hilariously clever -- reminder to practice social distancing.

"With the Governor's Stay at Home order now being in effect, remember that you should only be traveling if absolutely necessary," they share in a Facebook post. "If you do have to venture out, don’t forget to keep your distance!"

The caption is accompanied by a photo of the Minnesota realtor everyone loves to hate -- Kris Lindahl -- his arms spread wide and made to look as if indicating six feet apart.

Comments on the Minnesota thread of reddit where the photo was also shared, appreciate the humor of the photo.

"I live in Iowa now with a place up north and even I get this joke, so you know it’s bad," says one.

"If we have to have a commercial state mascot, I’d rather it be this guy," jokes another.

"Please maintain a distance of one Kris Lindahl at all times," jokes a third.

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