CentraCare has 25 COVID-19 positive patients throughout their Central Minnesota facilities this week with just 2 people in the ICU/Critical Care unit at St. Cloud Hospital.  CentraCare spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON this week.  He says these numbers are similar to the COVID numbers they had within CentraCare last August.  Dr. Morris says the difference this time is that he isn't expecting a surge like we had last fall/winter and more people are vaccinated.  He says the decrease in COVID patients has allowed the hospital to return to a more normal number of patients (360 people) both in the hospital and in their ICU.

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Dr. Morris says it appears we are at the point where this is now an endemic.  He says it is possible that we could see another surge of COVID-19 but it could be more of seasonal thing that would be similar to the seasonal flu.  Dr. Morris says he expects in the short term a COVID-19 booster shot becoming available around the same time flu shots become available.  He says he expects the flu shots and COVID shots to be separate for now but could be put into a single shot in the future.  Dr. Morris says the next booster could either be the same shot that has already been available or new shot to better protect from a possible new variant.

Dr. Morris says COVID numbers dropping is a great sign but he'd like to see vaccination numbers continue to rise.  He says increased vaccinations in the community help with herd immunity and could decrease the severity of a surge in the future.  Dr. Morris says most vaccinations should now be setup with primary care doctors even though their vaccination south point location is still operating.

If you'd like to listen to my 2-part conversation with Dr. Morris it is available below.





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