Everyone has something that drives them absolutely bonkers, and then some things are just plain annoying, and it seems one Minnesota realtor has found her limit in putting up with being annoyed.

z'Up North Realtor Andrea Zupancich has had enough. The realtor, or someone on her team, took to social media on Sunday to call out whomever has an issue with the sale of an Aurora Minnesota home. According to the social media post, a sign advertising the home for sale has been pushed over several times.

We understand that some people don’t want certain homes to sell for many reasons. They may want it themselves, they don’t want good neighbors to move, etc. This sign in Aurora has been intentionally put down every day. We kindly ask you to please leave our sign alone. We have a job to do and our seller wants to sell their home.

It's unclear as to what reason the sign is being pushed over, most likely a disgruntled neighbor, but there could be another reason the sign is being pushed down.

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Looking at this picture, it appears that the realty sign is in the median area of a road, which would be illegal according to MN Law, and the sign culprit might be passively aggressively letting the realtor know signs can't go there.

Minnesota Statute 160.2715 prohibits the unauthorized placement of advertisements in a public right-of-way. This includes installing signs, as well as painting, printing, or attaching advertisements on any object within the limits of a public right-of-way. The prohibition covers all unauthorized sign messaging, including, but not limited to, political campaign and referenda signs, as well as a garage sale, real estate, and public/social information signs. The unauthorized placement of signs in the public right-of-way is a misdemeanor.

Whatever the case may be, it's good to live by the simple words I was given by my grandpa when I was growing up, watch your own bobber.

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