If there's one name that has earned both the utter ire and reluctant admiration of Minnesotans everywhere it's Kris Lindahl's.

His billboards are infamous -- his obnoxious, grinning mug and arms spread wide spreading across the state. His ads have been seen on busses, trains and planes. Billboards featuring the real estate tycoon (is he technically a tycoon yet? We're going to call him a tycoon) have spread their way from the Twin Cities up I-35 towards Duluth and I-94 towards Moorhead; recently they've even been seen as far away as Colorado.

Whatever you may think of Kris Lindahl, he seems to take it all in stride and has even been known to laugh at himself or use his infamy for good. In 2019, a Minnesota man named Derek Camitsch started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $1000 to post his own billboard mocking Kris Lindahl's. Hearing about it, Lindahl donated a billboard to Camitsch on the condition that Camitsch donate all the funds raised from his GoFundMe to People Serving People, an organization that helps homeless families find housing, instead.


Well, Lindahl is once again the butt of a joke. A new billboard spotted just off I-94 eastbound in Albertville is getting attention at his expense.

"My name is Chris Lindahl too!" reads the billboard. In it, Lindahl (whose name is spelled Chris vs Kris) shares the same dumb grin and arms spread wide. Noticeably, he's wearing a US Navy uniform, which makes sense upon reading the words "JOIN THE NAVY" and a recruiting phone number in the bottom right corner. Turns out, this Chris Lindahl also lives in Minnesota -- Chaska, according to his Facebook page -- and he is in the Navy! "So… the Navy did a thing today," his photo caption reads, "my MN friends will ALL know exactly what this means!"

Naturally, the sort-of-serious gag has been a hit.

"This is hilarious!" said one online.

I know him!! I know him!!" praised another. "This is the best thing EVER!!! Love it beyond words!!!"

"This is seriously the best, and I get to see it on the way to work and on the way home," adored a third.

Look for the billboard as you're passing Albertville headed towards the Twin Cities.

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