If God has a sense of humor then we hope  He's getting a big laugh at this!

A photo posted to Reddit Monday shows a digital sign outside a North Mankato church that reads "'Thou Shalt Wear a Mask' - Hygenesis 20:20." According to the photo's caption, the church credited for the digital notice is Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

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People in the comment section have had a field day, affirming the church for its sense of humor and even adding made-up Bible verses of their own.

"In the beginning, God created a mask," joked shahooster, "also Hygenesis."

"And it was not difficult for man nor woman to wear, and so He pronounced it good," added ArdentWolf42. Some, however, were't so sure the digital sign was real.

"That picture looks like it was made in Minecraft," suggested bionic_cmdo.

"It absolutely looks digitally illustrated,' agreed theconsummatedragon. Curious to know whether the sign was real or not, I called Holy Rosary Church myself.

"I posted it, yep!" told me Cindy Gawrych, Office Administrator. "I saw, I dunno, something like that...my boss is the priest, and I sent it to him, and he's like 'That's so funny, you should put that on our sign. And I did!'" The sign, she told me, is digital and rotates through different screens with different messages and information. The made-up Bible verse is one of them. "Well I'm not religious," joked Olds78 on Reddit. "But I guess if I ever do decide to go to church I'm driving to Mankato."

Well played, Holy Rosary Catholic Church...well played.

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