Eagles fans are the worst.

It's no secret that Eagles fans are unsavory at best; whether they win or lose, they leave a trail of destruction and violence. Following the 2008 World Series win, 76 Philly fans were arrested, and that was simply for celebrating.

I think we all knew things might get ugly if the Eagles lost. But it turns out things could get ugly before, during and after the game, too, and they did.


Video footage before the game shows Eagles fans throwing full cans of beer at Vikings fans:

During the game, Eagles fans mocked the "Skol" chant with one of their own -- "Foles."

Eagles fans stooped lower still after the game, as some fans displayed a banner and yelled "F*** Millie!" -- a detestable reference to the adorable 99-year old Vikings fan treated by the team to her first ever playoff game against the Saints.

(Warning: Offensive Language)

In comparison, Vikings fans -- after the Vike's dramatic win over the Saints -- raised over $200,000 for Saints punter Thomas Morestead's charity What You Give Will Grow.

All I can say is, I've never been more proud of Vikings fans. We may endure the highest highs and lowest lows, but at least can we do both with grace. Let's continue to show such grace the next couple weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, even if our state is overrun by Eagles fans.


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