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The Biggest Fireworks Displays Across the Country
Forget about the dawn's early light, this Fourth of July is all about the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air and maybe even a couple of spiders. Those are the ones that, well, look kind of like a spider, anyway.
In honor of the Fourth, here are 10 great fireworks displays through…
Diet Soda May Make You Pack on the Pounds
By analyzing the results of a 10-year longitudinal study of 474 people, researchers were able to determine that the participants who drank two or more diet sodas a day experienced a waist size increase 70 percent greater than those who stayed away from diet soda.
Minnesota Government Grinds To A Screeching Halt
$5 billion budget deficit and thousands more lost as campers were booted out of state parks yesterday and rest areas remained closed- The state government of Minnesota has pulled the shutters on services as political leaders were unable to settle their differences on the state budget.
Morning Mix Show Notes 6/30
Real Product or Not, a terrifying tale of When Animals Attack, and MySpace has been sold, and you'll never guess who bought a stake in it.
Javier Wins The Voice
In a photo finish, Javier Colon was named the winner of the inaugural season of NBC’s popular reality-competition series ‘The Voice.’
Morning Mix Show Notes 6/20
Grammar skills are apparently not important to becoming a beauty queen. You gonna eat that and is Facebook actually good for your social skills?
Royal Couple Heads To Hollywood
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will come to America July 8-10. Not much down time for the couple, check out what they will be busy doing while they are in California next month.
Anthony Weiner Resigns from Office [VIDEO]
Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned from office Thursday, apologizing for the “damage” he caused after it was revealed that he had engaged in explicit internet relationships with at least six women over the span of three years.

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