The Marines are playing Finders Keepers, what's in Bill Clinton's box of papers and the money that we were going to give you is gone. Seriously. 

We were going to give away five thousand dollars on the show today and when the boss came in with the briefcase, and opened it up, the money was gone. There was just a $20 bill and a note inside. You can see that evidence here. We figure that sometime over the weekend, someone broke into the building and took the money. We are so sorry that we told you we were going to give you this money and now we can't because it's stolen.Peter and I did get a call this morning from someone claiming to have the money. The person said that you must ask in these exact words, "Are you the Mix 94.9 Five Thousand Dollar Fugitive?" and they will hand over the cash. Right now, everyone is a suspect and we have not heard anything further. We believe the best course of action at this time is to ask everyone you know that exact phrase, as we have no idea who it is and our only chance at getting it into your hands is to follow 'The Fugitive's" instructions.

What would you expect to find in a box of papers from Bill Clinton's office? Does a moon rock come to mind? Probably not, but that's what staffers found recently when they were going through two thousand boxes of papers from Clinton's first term in office. The rock was one of 50 brought back by the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Each state got a moon rock on a plaque and it's a good thing that the rock fell off the plaque because the plaque is still missing.

Last Saturday, the Marines did some live-fire exercises off the coast of North Carolina using unmanned drone airplanes. The exercises were conducted close to shore and it's likely that some of the planes could wash up on the beach. The planes have propellers, are eight feet long and 15 to 18 feet wide, so they're pretty good size. The Marines say they don't want them back, so they issued a statement basically saying that if you find one, you can keep it. So far only two of the 40 planes have been recovered, but none have shown up on eBay. Yet.