Two American hikers have been freed from Evin Prison in Tehran. 

After more than two years in captivity, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal have been freed from prison.

Reports out of Tehran state that diplomats from Switzerland and Oman were seen leaving the prison early this morning with the two hikers. A vehicle convoy then headed to Tehran International Airport where Bauer and Fattal will be flown out of the country.

The pair were set free after their lawyer presented an accord that said $1 million dollars would be handed over in exchange for Bauer and Fattal's release.

Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal and another American, Sarah Shourd were captured July 31, 2009 and despite the pleas of their friends, parents, world peace activists, global diplomats, Hollywood celebrities, President Barack Obama  and Swiss consular officials operating in the interest of the U.S., were held by Iranian officials on suspicion of spying. Shourd was set free in September of last year due to declining health.

It is unclear when Bauer and Fattal will return to the U.S. Shane Bauer originally hails from Onamia, MN.